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Greg Davies 2022

Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
16th May 2023

Today - 10th May 2023 - the government is tabling an amendment for Lords Report, which will replace the current sunset in the Bill with a list of the retained EU laws that we intend to revoke under the Bill at the end of 2023. This provides certainty for business by making it clear which regulations will be removed from our statue book, instead of highlighting only the REUL that would be saved. We will retain the vitally important powers in the Bill that allow us to continue to amend EU laws, so more complex regulation can still be revoked or reformed after proper assessment and consultation”

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Further to our insight (2nd Feb 2023) on EU-derived legislation, termed retained EU law (REUL), this statement now sees the number of laws targeted for revocation by the end of the year, reduced from approx. 4,000 to “a list of around 600”, according to GOV.UK, it goes on to say:

However, this is far from the limit of our ambition. The government will continue to review the remaining REUL not already revoked or reformed, or planned for revocation this year, to identify further opportunities for reform. The REUL Bill contains the necessary powers to allow for this ongoing process of reform.”

Schedule of retained EU law - GOV.UK (

There was a large degree of concern in many sectors (including the health and safety community) with the uncertainty caused by the sunset clause and which regulations of the original 4,000 would be at the end of 2023, and which would stay. This announcement at least brings a little more structure and purpose to the undertakings.