Senior management health and safety training on the up!

Greg Davies

Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
10th January 2020

The year is not two weeks old and already we’ve planned and delivered three sessions of Director/senior management health and safety training and have a number more in process.

Over the last two years or so the take-up of boards, boards of governors or senior management/leadership teams to invest in training - be it broad health and safety or topic-specific (e.g. Legionella, fire, asbestos) – has been marked. The cynic in me sees the visibility and increase in fines brought about by the now not so new Sentencing Guidelines in 2016 as a prime motive, but in reality, it is only part of the answer.

Inertia caused by BREXIT, the wellbeing (and in particular mental health awareness agenda), governance, ethics, current sentiment, as well as the potential reputational and moral damage that can result from a health and safety incident, are just some of the other reasons cited as to why organisations are looking for greater awareness and leadership in their health and safety.

What we have also been finding is that while the general principles are well understood – and so they should be, good management is good management whatever the subject area – there are more than just a few senior managers who have had little or no formal health and safety management training and those that had were not always really up to date.

Without fail we have also found there are simple and quick actions each organisation could take as management teams and individuals to make positive differences.

Bearing in mind according the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Horizon Scan report for 2019, the reported cost of “health and safety incidents” was more than the total costs of disruption caused by “Lack of talent/skills” “Interruption to utility supply” “Supply chain disruption” “Cyber-attack / Data breach” “New technology (introduction of)” and “Exchange rate volatility” combined, why is the uptake for this training not even greater?