Poor food safety = significant fine

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Laura Mintram
Senior Consultant, Assurity Consulting
30th March 2017

A good example is the recent prosecution of a small café by Nottingham City Council, which resulted in a fine of £16,000, costs of £11,611 and a £120 government surcharge. Environmental Health Officers from Nottingham City Council were shocked after discovering very poor hygiene conditions at the café. Their reports highlighted that raw and ready-to-eat items were stored together, repairs were needed to the structure of the facility, chopping boards were heavily worn and fridge seals were faulty.

The owners failed to improve conditions even after warnings and whilst no actual harm had been caused to customers, the judge concluded there was a medium risk of an adverse effect to individuals, resulting in the significant fines above. The firm admitted to five breaches of food safety regulations, two of which were admitted by the area manager who was fined £750 with a £75 surcharge.

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