Office working statistics

Emma Smith 2022

Emma Smith
Consultancy Services Manager, Assurity Consulting
18th August 2022

From a selection of sectors surveyed these results are not surprising to me. As we continue to support our customers across the country and Europe, levels of occupation are varying dramatically.

People have adapted to home working and the new ‘normal’ is happening. But as we enter the winter months, will we see a change? Will the continued pressure of rising energy costs and general costs of living attract people back in to the office?

As the winter sets in, social interaction becomes a key factor in mental wellbeing, and face to face meetings will be more important than ever.

I am a true believer that people need people, to grow and thrive and to keep that spark alive. I do wonder what these results will be like in 6 months’ time?

Will the challenging winter ahead of us see further changes to our office occupation behaviours?