Mental Health – what’s your workplace strategy?

Suzanne Clarkson-Lewis

Suzanne Clarkson-Lewis
Marketing Manager, Assurity Consulting
1st November 2017

We also talked about how Time to Change and the pledge we have just signed has made a difference to our organisation. To sign the Time to Change pledge you have to produce an action plan on supporting your employees with mental health on behalf of your organisation. Time to Change give you feedback and once you’ve both agreed on a plan you sign the pledge and join a growing movement of more than 450 employers in England.

The pledge signals our commitment to changing how we think and act about mental health and to make sure that our employees who are facing mental ill health problems feel supported. Robyn wanted to know what we have put in place as a “small business” to help our employees and what Time to Change could do differently for SMEs, great conversation and research!

But to be honest, with what we’ve put in place so far for our employees to help them with their mental health, I don’t feel like I work for just a “small business”. I feel like I work for a business who really “out punches their weight” in caring about their employees!

Following the launch of our mental health strategy we have:

  • Given mental health awareness training to our Directors and line managers.
  • A dedicated part of our intranet site to helping people with mental health resources and providing charity details/NHS/private medical website/apps/contact details.
  • Held a mental health awareness day – with interactive tools from Time to Change and Mind to help people start and open up the conversations about mental health (tea and biscuits too of course!).
  • Trained an employee in Mental Health First Aid, and committed to training two more in 2017 and a further two in 2018, so they spot any changes in the behaviour of our employees and can support our employees if they want to talk about mental health issues - ask how they are, listen to them and give them guidance to get help if necessary.
  • Arranged a date for a personal resilience workshop for all employees to attend in January 2018 to positively support people with ways of becoming more resilient to stress in their lives (cream tea included). 
  • Created a regular slot in our monthly newsletter – Monthly Takeout to inform people about new resources or events available to them to support them with their mental health.

Assurity Consulting Mental Health First Aiders

As a Mental Health First Aider I’m aware that there needs to be general changes to society as a whole towards mental health and our government has a great deal to do to put in place the right support for people with mental ill-health issues when they need it. As an organisation, by putting our strategy into motion I believe we are in a good place to help our employees with mental ill health prevention, intervention and recovery.

So how is your strategy coming along? And has your organisation thought about signing the Time to Change pledge?