Keep E.coli at bay

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Laura Mintram
Senior Consultant, Assurity Consulting
16th December 2016

The Food Standards Agency and local authorities were involved in the investigation; however, it’s unlikely the cause of the outbreak will ever be established. Thirty-one people were affected altogether, including ten children; several of which have been left with serious long-term kidney damage.

Outbreaks such as these emphasise the dreadful effects these harmful bacteria can have on people’s lives; often contracted through the contamination of food.

There are several ways people can avoid spreading E.coli infection. These include: washing hands thoroughly after using the toilet, washing all fruit and vegetables that will be eaten raw, cooking all minced meat products such as burgers thoroughly and excluding those who have been ill through vomiting or diarrhoea for a minimum of 48 hours after symptoms finish.

If you want confirmation that all your critical controls are in place to stop such viruses spreading in your catering establishment, an independent food safety audit is a good place to start. For more information on food safety audits, please click here.