How good is your water management documentation?

Steve Mills

Steve Mills
Senior Consultant, Assurity Consulting
17th February 2017

The key word is ‘effective’, but what exactly is effective?

To begin with, in the realms of water management, perfection with regard to tests, checks and inspections is extremely rare. Out of parameter results often occur, poor bacterial results can be returned and inspections can show that things are not going according to plan. These things can and do happen and no auditor, consultant, risk assessor or EHO would expect otherwise. If I saw a complete record of perfect results over the course of a year or even a shorter period, doubts would be raised. Results, whether good or bad should be documented.

No, it’s not the fact that poor results are recorded, it’s what is done to address these issues. It is important that remedial actions are referenced and documented when things go wrong. This shows that the situation is being controlled and hopefully resolved. It demonstrates the competence and understanding in that someone has recognised that something is wrong and has acted upon it, which should give confidence in the maintenance team. Your site water management documentation should be a ‘living’ document detailing and recording an organic process. It should be more than just an archive and definitely more than just a ‘log-book’. It should be clear, concise, available and importantly, usable.

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