How compliant am I and when do you stop saying Happy New Year?

Greg Davies

Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
13th January 2017

Having already been out working with a number of customers, the compliance agenda remains unchanged it seems and four key questions are being asked of us:

  1. Where am I really in terms of my compliance and what is it saying about me and my organisation?
  2. Are roles, duties and responsibilities sufficiently understood and are they in the right place to adequately reflect ownership and organisational risk?
  3. Is my level of control matched to my organisation’s risk appetite and is it suitable and sufficient to protect us both?
  4. When should you stop saying “Happy New Year” to people?

For the first three of these questions they are all looking at the same issue, but in a slightly different way; is my compliance management in the right place (position) and will it provide me - and my organisation – the reassurance I need (protection)?

Factoring into the mix the growth in wellbeing and increasing move towards social/moral value in corporate responsibility reporting possibly adds two further considerations into this mix with 2017 and beyond in mind:

  • Is my compliance management set up for minimum cost rather than maximum value (payback) and if so where are the gaps?
  • How can I effectively advertise what I am doing (promotion)? Can I accurately verify my claims/achievements?

If you don’t know, we can and are helping others with exactly the same thing.

And as for question 4, I don’t know the answer, personal preference I guess. So it just remains for me to say Happy New Year!