Hot tubs in the hot seat


Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
9th February 2017

“The Control of Legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems” (HSG282) adds to L8 and the HSG274 series, but “is primarily for those who manage or operate spa-pool systems and explains how to manage and control the risks from Legionella and other infectious agents.”

Spa pools have been known for some time to be hazardous systems, and not just from Legionella, HSG282 also touches on E.coli and coliforms, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mycobacterium avium and Staphylococcus aureus amongst other “microbiological hazards” as well as “other hazards” such as accidental drowning, chemicals, temperature, slips and trips, entrapment, electrical and manual handling.

The guidance as well as targeting commercial-type systems offers “specific advice on domestic-type spa pools or hot tubs used as part of business activity, for example in holiday-park rental units, hotel bedrooms with a dedicated spa and systems on display or at exhibitions.” It also includes advice on effective ways to safely manage and control spa-pool systems through:

  • design, commissioning, operation and maintenance;
  • testing and monitoring spa-pool water quality and;
  • quality and frequency of inspections.

You can find the document here.