Helping you stay safe on Britain’s roads


Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
30th March 2017

Running to 72 pages, the 5 year strategy is divided into six main sections, and main themes of improving “road safety”, “user experience” and “value for money”. The main sections cover:

  • Introduction
  • The strategy: helping you stay safe on Britain’s roads
  • What the strategy depends on
  • Supporting road safety
  • Supporting our aims and ambitions
  • Supporting government policy

The 'Supporting road safety' section (Section 4), as well as highlighting that 1,730 people who were killed on our roads in 2015, opens with:

“Great Britain’s roads are among the safest in the world, but every death, injury or minor collision on the roads can cause devastation, distress or inconvenience. We want to stop them from happening. This will reduce pressure on the NHS and emergency services keep traffic moving and, as a result, keep our economy growing.”

To give this challenge further context in 2005 over 3,200 people - 3,201 to be precise – were killed on GB’s roads. Filled with a host of statistics, information and “We’ll make sure” commitments, the topics covered in the strategy range from learner and aging driver safety to preparing for new vehicle technology. It is good to see the commitment as, even bearing in mind the reduction in road deaths over the last twelve years, the figure is still over ten times greater than that for workplace fatal injuries – 144 in 2015/16.

Most of us will drive at some point for work, some as their work, where does driving sit on your risk register?