Happy World FM Day!

Suzanne Clarkson-Lewis

Suzanne Clarkson-Lewis
Marketing Manager, Assurity Consulting
13th July 2016

World FM Day logoThere are messages around the industry at the moment that the ‘Facilities’ Manager isn’t a good enough term for what they have to achieve and ‘Workplace Manager’ needs to set into play, as it’s not about the ‘facility’ as people can now work almost anywhere, and alongside everything else they need to be able to do and manage – I tend to agree!

What a great job to have – variety every day making the work interesting and engaging – with facilities management being such a huge sector with so many career opportunities to explore. But with an association on side offering great training, development and networking/learning opportunities – why don’t more Facilities Managers attend the BIFM events?

Also as most people ‘fall into the job’ of a Facilities Manager, could the industry have a better profile outside of it? How do young people know about it, how is it promoted to them as they leave school?

Some promotional work to do internally and externally I feel.

But FMWorld magazine arrived on my desk this morning and it has transformed itself from a two weekly to a monthly magazine that focused on different areas of the industry – now the first edition really focused on the ‘Facilities Manager’ as a person in its entirety, new a modern look and feel for – career development, FM perspective, training and interesting statistics infographics - good to see.

The Facilities Manager is it about managing the building costs and making great places to work in that are efficient, innovative and so more profitable and productive - so a very well deserved - Happy World FM Day to all!