Government emergency alert

Emma Smith 2022

Emma Smith
Consultancy Services Manager, Assurity Consulting
21st April 2023

This is a basic trial to make sure that the system works, so in the future, in a time of local or national emergency, the Government are able to swiftly contact the population. Many people remain unaware of this, but there has been national press to promote the testing of this system.

Those with multiple devices, be warned, the alert goes to smart phones and tablets, so you may want to get your ducks in a row by 15:00, otherwise it may be a chorus of alerts within each household!

Charities have been doing some amazing work, informing those who are vulnerable and have ‘safe phones’ when in a domestic abuse situation, to turn their phones off to avoid exposing their forms of communication during this alert trial. Concern remains however moving forward, with no warning of reactive situations, could this be something that could compromise vulnerable people’s safety, and could it lead to panic?

In the future, the alerts will be based on your current location, to provide warning of severe flooding, fires, and extreme weather. In a world that is now obsessed with phones and communication, this does seem like a sensible option. Some sceptics might say it’s a big brother effect, but if it keeps us safe, and alerts us to extreme situations to avoid, this is surely a good way forward.