Food safety management

Ian Woodland

Ian Woodland
Director of Business Services, Assurity Consulting
2nd September 2016

An Italian restaurant in Kettering had to pay £12,000 and a Chinese restaurant in Basildon had to pay £10,000 after local authority environmental health inspectors found conditions in both restaurants that did not comply with food safety legislation. The common theme in both cases was that neither restaurant had a food safety management system.

A documented food safety management system will help a food business to identify what could go wrong with the food they produce and the steps they should put in place to ensure it is safe for their customers. It should be produced in line with general hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) procedures, but more importantly, should be suitable for the size and nature of the food business. The Food Standards Agency do provide a free food safety management system called Safer Food, Better Business, which is suitable for a small single sited business. This is available from their website. If you operate a multi-sited food business or one of a more complex nature, it may be better to produce your own food safety management system or employ an expert to do this for you.

Our company has over 20 years experience of producing food safety management systems for companies with multi-sited catering businesses, so if you want to save yourself the costs and reputational damage associated with a prosecution, do get in touch. For more details on our food safety management services, please visit our website