Deaf Awareness Week

Katie Howard 2017

Katie Howard
Consultant, Assurity Consulting
3rd May 2022

Hearing impairments are one of many invisible disabilities, and it is incredibly important to raise awareness around this topic to ensure reasonable adjustments are being made to create inclusive environments for all.

This week, take some time to assess a few areas in your building to make sure you are providing an inclusive and accessible space for those with hearing impairments;

  • Do you provide an induction loop at your reception desk, and is the appropriate signage present?
  • Have your front of house staff received training on the induction loop?
  • Have your front of house staff received disability and equality awareness training?
  • Do your passenger lifts have display screens to show when a certain floor has been reached?
  • Do you have visual fire alarms present throughout the building?
  • Are quiet and noisy areas separated?
  • Do you have signage throughout the building to aid independent navigation?
  • Is your signage easy to read and well contrasted?

Our Access Team are fully competent in assessing buildings for their accessibility and inclusivity for a wide range of user needs. If you require further assistance in making your building more accessible for hearing impaired users, and any other potential users, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to carry out an Access Audit or provide any support you require.