BIFM Sustainability in FM survey – Giving back to give back

Greg Davies

Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
6th July 2018

The developing role of sustainability continues to create both challenges and opportunities for our workplaces, organisations and those who manage them. Investing the time to take part not only helps our industry with a wider understanding of the current topics and trends, but also informs stakeholders at all levels, as well as shape future agendas and activities.

The survey is led by the BIFM Sustainability Special Interest Group (SIG) and your responses will remain confidential at all the times. Responses will not be identified by individual person or company. Any data included in the report will be at an aggregated level.

The 2017 survey as well as seeing the importance of sustainability to organisations increase for those already invested in it, also highlighted the growth in social value agenda and mapped trends covering both digitalisation and energy benchmarking.

One of the other themes to be identified in last year’s outcomes was that for sustainability issues the levels of staff engagement - from frontline to C-suite – increased across the board. Now is your chance to engage again.

The link to the survey is:

Thank you in advance for your valuable and continuing contribution to the most significant piece of sustainability work in our sector.