Are you unsure about ‘jumping the fence’ into health and safety consultancy role?

Vicki Ford Smith 2019

Vicki Ford-Smith
Consultant, Assurity Consulting
17th November 2020

Well, the first thing that I want to say is that I love my job. Sure, I get the odd rough day, when you can’t find the site or the traffic is tough, but you get that everywhere and I can honestly say that I really haven’t had many of these. Also, in comparison to being in-house, when it can feel like I was the only one ‘banging the drum’, at Assurity Consulting you are surrounded by people who get it, who understand why it is important and why we do it.

So, what does a health and safety consultant do exactly?

I would say that ‘we help people become compliant with health and safety’, it’s as simple as that.

And the way we do that is by completing health and safety assessments, looking at the high-level safety management in health and safety management reviews and my favourite service, support days. ‘Support days’ is a service where customers use your knowledge and expertise for a day, to help them with whatever they need. It’s a bit daunting at first, but you get to know your customers, and some are prescriptive and say what they want, and others might need a bit of a steer to help them prioritise.

When you start there is a well-structured induction program that helps you to become familiar with the business, the people, systems and process that we have in place. You can ask anything, no question is stupid, goodness knows I have tried, and everyone is very helpful.

One of the other aspects of the job that I like is the contract management. Like all the other consultants, I have a number of contracts that I manage. Customers who come directly to me as their account manager with questions about the services that we provide or their contract, and it is my job to help them. I produce quotes for work that they may want, process the contract renewal and generally keep in touch.

We also have several people who may be interested in our services and we contact them to see if we can help or perhaps invite them to a webinar. If you are worried about the sales aspect, we have great commercial inductions that help with this.

In the ‘normal’ world we are a social group. Friday office days were (and will be again) my favourite. I loved working in the office with the regular group of consultants who would always gravitate to the same bank of desks, happy times. As you can imagine, it's not the same right now, but we do all still catch up, team meetings, one to ones and grabbing 5 minutes for a chat with a colleague. And we have started to run events remotely that would have been done in the office, things like exercises/self-massage at our desk, laughter yoga, posture workshop and as I write we are having our first remote ‘bake off’.

So, my advice is, if health and safety is your thing, throw your hat into the ring, see if you get an interview and if you do, you will get a feeling for the type of company we are. It’s a great place to work, and a year in, I’m really pleased that I made the jump! If you want to apply for our health and safety role, you can by clicking here.