What is ISO 14001?

ISO14001ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management. The purpose of the standard is to provide a framework for organisations to implement and improve their management system to increase environmental performance.

What are the benefits of ISO14001 to an organisation?

Obtaining certification to the ISO 14001 standard brings a number of benefits to an organisation.

Not only will it demonstrate sound business management and commitment to reducing your environmental impacts, but also financial benefits can be made from a reduction in resource use and environmental improvements.

Research shows that companies who manage not only the standard economic factors, but also the environmental and social factors which affect the business, do show financial performance superior to those which fail to manage all three.

Additionally, some organisations that have achieved ISO 14001 status have reported that the process inspired creativity in staff. It will also assist with compliance and help prevent any potential prosecutions.

Furthermore, externally accredited ISO 14001 certification can provide a major constituent of an organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility requirements, when an internally produced environmental report is not seen as sufficient in terms of accountability.

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