Can you trust your suppliers?
14th August 2017
The recent news headlines reporting on contaminated eggs from Dutch farms have raised some key questions regarding food safety. Predominantly, it has raised concerns about being able to trust where consumer food products are sourced from.
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Why are food premises being prosecuted for pest infestations?
03rd August 2017
Once again I read an article about pest control failures in a food premises. This time it is a rat infestation at the Royal Wells Hotel in Tunbridge Wells whose owners Shepherd Neame were fined £160,000.
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BIFM Sustainability Survey – It’s your last chance…(well for 2017)
02nd August 2017
Sustainability can be a marmite topic; while some embrace it others see it as a diversion from other more important areas of business.
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New health and safety statistics released
20th July 2017
The Health and Safety Executive have published their latest “key figures” for Great Britain, covering 2015/16.
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The 11th Annual BIFM Sustainability in FM survey - helping us help you
13th July 2017
The 11th Annual BIFM Sustainability in FM survey now open for response!
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