I started at Assurity Consulting in October 2019 as an apprentice consultant. In this role I have not only been given the opportunity to learn and develop the skills I need to succeed as a consultant, but also the opportunity to gain experience in all the businesses departments allowing me to discover what they do daily and how they will support me as a consultant.

In my second year of Sixth Form I had to make a choice about which path I wanted to take whether that be university, going straight into a job or starting an apprenticeship, which was not an obvious choice. For me, the decision was made when I decided that I wanted to continue with my education, but also apply what I have learned and what I am learning in a practical setting as opposed to a theoretical one. That was exactly what I found in my apprenticeship with Assurity Consulting.

The apprenticeship follows a general weekly structure of one day for college work, two days with consultancy services and two days with another department. However, whilst this structure is present, no two days have been the same. Even in the short space of time of being with the company, I noticed the progress I made towards my goal of becoming a consultant, being able to do more and know more each time I went out on site.

One of my favourite things about working at Assurity Consulting is the support offered, whether it be a question out on site, or some of my college work which I may be stuck with, someone is always happy to help. The friendly and collaborative culture of the business is another aspect of working here which I really like.