Tom Surridge, Project and Service Leader

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Holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science

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Responsible for the internal development of our Legionella service

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Responsible for the training of new Legionella risk assessors

Tom Surridge, Project Leader, Assurity Consulting

After serving many years at the company he is an experienced auditor in workplace compliance providing customer support in services such as legionella management and water hygiene. Within Tom’s experience, he has legionella risk assessed a wide range of varying sites and their water services associated with them including but not limited to industrial process sites, pharmaceutical research campuses, large sporting venues as well as a large number of university properties.

During Tom’s time at Assurity Consulting, he has become our internal service leader for Legionella management and eventually became our Project Leader- Legionella. This role means that Tom is responsible for the internal development of our Legionella service offerings, helping to maintain our UKAS 17020 standard for Legionella risk assessments, he is also responsible for helping train new risk assessors.

Specialties: Legionella Management, Workplace Environmental Assessments (water), Water Management Systems, Legionella Management Reviews and Client Support


In Tom’s spare time he plays field hockey for a local team as goalkeeper and is an avid motorsport fan.