WS 2017


WS is an International Scout and Guide Camp and has been held in West Sussex for more than 30 years. It features as a high point in the County Scout and Guide programme and it has been at Ardingly showground every 4 years since 1980. 

Greg Davies, Adam Curtis and Lara Batley represented the company with a stand there on Thursday 10th August. The stand was the same set up as the Big Bang, which we took part in back in June at the same location, but, with a few lessons learnt, the stand was made simpler and easier to manage.  

WS is an international experience for young people from around the world, joining in a week of activities together including: Water activities, Abseiling, climbing, Archery, Parascending and other adventurous & challenging activities. Plus cultural activities, sub-camp competitions, musical entertainments, social events, live bands, discos, crafts and even more.

On our stand we performed a range of ‘chemical experiments’ to represent what we do as a business. Our experiments included a chocolate sauce and glove challenge (contamination), a homemade lava lamp and volcano (atmosphere/climate change) and a water taste and bacteria test.


The event was filled with children and ran in two sessions, one from 10.00-12.30 and the other from 14.00-17.30. The sessions were busy and the team spent the time engaging the children in the interactive experiments, which they thoroughly enjoyed! By the end of the day the stand was clear! No sweets, giveaways, gloves or taste tests left in sight!

The event was mainly a corporate responsibility activity for us and it enabled us to give back to the local community. However, it was a good opportunity to get in front of some students in our local area. Although most of them are currently too young to join the company, it has strengthened our brand awareness and enabled us to inform the younger generation on who we are and what we do!