Tulleys Escape Room

On a damp, chilly Thursday evening, two teams of us headed to Tulleys Farm to attempt another ‘escape’ from their Escape Rooms Mutiny and Dodge City.

The original escape team, Jon, Boris, Julie, Sophia and Charlotte were confident, with the knowledge they’d gained from last time, they would emerge triumphant, making it out in the 60 minutes.

The second team Jo, Alex M, April and Marcus W arrived sceptical, but ready for the evening ahead.

We were locked in our rooms and the challenges began, riddles to unravel, codes to crack and mysteries to solve.

Our enthusiasm to ‘escape’ still wasn’t enough and both teams emerged beaten, yet again, by the rooms.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made the evening such great fun, there’s always next time…

Jo, Alex, April and Marcus at the Escape Room

Jo, Alex, April and Marcus at the Escape Room