The Forest School – ‘Speed Networking’ event

The hall was chock-a-block with groups of students sitting around small tables, enabling each employer to move from one to the other in strict 10 minute time frames. The boys had 3 minutes to answer a series of ‘yes or no’ questions in an attempt to guess the representative’s job title, and then the remaining 7 minutes were reserved for discussion and explanation.

Consultant Emma Covey and Marketing Coordinator (CR & Recruitment) Keely Bicknell attended the morning session together, taking turns to answer questions about their roles. Unsurprisingly both roles proved difficult for the students to guess due to their diverse nature but the boys fully engaged and seemed genuinely interested. After the event, Keely commented: “I felt really good about being able to open the pupil’s eyes to the range of careers available to them when they’re older – without events like these, only the ‘big names’ in jobs are talked about and young people can be left feeling lost. Some of the boys were already demonstrating great leadership and communication skills which was so lovely to see.” Emma added: “my role isn’t the simplest to explain but the boys really listened and overall I had a lot of fun!”

Vicki Winter attended the afternoon session and also found the experience to be enjoyable, stating, "today was really good and I had fun chatting with them. I was taken by just how many questions they asked!"