Springboard Make a Difference Day 2017

The Springboard Project is a community based charity that provides inclusive playand leisure opportunities for families with young children and fun short breaks for children and teenagers with disabilities. Springboard is one of Assurity Consulting’s charity partners and this year they celebrate their 25th year. We have been supporting the charity for the past 11 years and the most anticipated event is our annual volunteer day. Each year we tidy their garden and outside areas, as well as design and paint artwork inside or outside the centre.

When the children visit Springboard House they absolutely love their outdoor space and garden, especially in the summer months as they spend a lot of time playing in it. Back in 2007 we created a ‘Springboard Junction’ mural on the garden walls near the railway play area. 10 years later it was long overdue a refresh! The children are obsessed with Harry Potter and last year they had a Harry Potter movie marathon as well a visit to the Warner Brothers studios. They had a dream to transform the outside area into the magical platform 9 and ¾.

Our team of volunteers were on to it! We had a meeting to discuss artwork ideas and came up with a plan. We shared our ideas with Vickie Harvey, Service Delivery Manager at Springboard, and she loved them! With a plan in place we were all set to go. Adam Curtis and Lara Batley, Marketing Coordinators, spent the Friday before the volunteer day, white washing the walls and stencilling on the designs.

On Monday 17th July a group of seven volunteers from Assurity Consulting set off to the Springboard project. On arrival Lara Batley, Adam Curtis, Suzanne Clarkson-Lewis, Ian Woodland, Jon Hillier, Alex Wild and Lorraine Puttock split into two teams, one for gardening and one for painting - at 9am the work began.   

The weather was beautiful, if anything it was a bit too hot for those painting and gardening in the sun! The team worked tirelessly throughout the day with a break for lunch. At the end of the day the garden and play areas looked perfectly tamed and tidy with their maze wonderfully shaped, once again thanks to Ian Woodland's persistent hedge trimming! The finished artwork looked amazing, it was bold and colourful and made a great change to the original murals. The team were very pleased with their efforts!

Vickie Harvey was thrilled with the outcome and she commented, “I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the Assurity Consulting team. The changes you have made to our centre are amazing and it means so much to have your support. I am very thankful that Assurity Consulting pick our charity every year for a volunteering day, especially as the artwork and much needed garden tidy ups are such a great standard. From everyone at Springboard thanks again and we hope to see you at our 25th celebration.”

After yet another thoroughly enjoyable and successful day, we look forward to 2018 and our next challenge at this amazing charity!