Snakes and Ladders

The event's main attraction was an update on the Sentencing Guidelines for health and safety and food hygiene. We were joined by 12 of our finest local contacts, from across Surrey and Sussex.

Speaking at the event was Chris Jones, Headmaster at Copthorne Prep, who gave an entertaining talk about the school, with some interesting facts about the long and varied history. Next we had Greg, giving an update on the guidelines with regard to health and safety, and last but not least Ian Woodland, looking at the food safety and hygiene aspects.

We then had a game of “sentencing guidelines snakes and ladders” with high stakes questions and answers to see who would climb ladders (safely, of course) or slide down snakes (wearing appropriate PPE…) to take the crown as winners (and win some wine in the process!)

We had a fantastic lunch and some great networking opportunities with a wide variety of contacts, some of which we have known for over a decade! We also had the opportunity for a tour of the school, which was establised in 1902 with 9 pupils, with many alterations and additions since.