Legionella Risk Assessment Assured Advice from Assurity Consulting

From 1st October 2017, we are the first organisation in the UK to offer Primary Authority (Co-ordinated partnership) Assured Advice with the City of London Corporation for our Legionella risk assessments to our customers.Advice from Assurity Consulting

Achieving Primary Authority Assured Advice demonstrates our commitment to working in partnership with regulators and builds on our extensive accreditations and quality assurances, giving you the best possible standards of service.

Why has Assurity Consulting chosen Primary Authority Assured Advice for their Legionella risk assessments?

Achieving Primary Authority Assured Advice demonstrates Assurity Consulting's commitment to working in partnership with regulators and builds on our extensive accreditations and quality assurances giving you the best possible standards of service.

Assurity Consulting's co-ordinated partnership is with the City of London Corporation, a local authority which is already recognised as one of the most experienced in Legionella management. Our report is the first of its kind for Assured Advice covering Legionella risk assessment.

What is a coordinated partnership between a business and a local authority and how does it work?

The scheme allows businesses access to consistent, tailored, Assured Advice they can rely on and provides regulators with flexible and responsive ways of working. It operates on two levels:

  • Direct partnership - between a primary authority and a single business
  • Co-ordinated partnership - between a primary authority and the co-ordinator of a regulated group (i.e. trade association, customer) 

What is Assured Advice?

Through Primary Authority, local authorities, fire and rescue services and commercial businesses provide organisations with robust and reliable regulatory advice. The scheme therefore "supports growth by enabling organisations to invest with confidence in products, practices and procedures, knowing that there is endorsement of the resources they devote to compliance." 

What is a Primary Authority?

Primary Authority is a statutory scheme, established by the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008 (as amended) (the RES Act). It allows an eligible business to form a legally recognised partnership with a single local authority in relation to regulatory compliance. This local authority becomes the 'primary authority'.

The scheme first started April 2009 and can cover aspects of environmental health, fire safety, trading standards and licensing legislation.

The aim of the scheme is to ensure that "local regulation is consistent at a national level and sufficiently flexible to address local circumstances." The statutory responsibility for the operation of Primary Authority is Regulatory Delivery (RD) and this covers nominating partnerships, issuing guidance and resolving determinations.

RD also manages the Primary Authority Register, which provides details on every registered partnership in place. There are over 17,000 businesses in Primary Authority partnerships with over 180 different local authorities.

How does Primary Authority Assured Advice for your Legionella risk assessments benefit your organisation?

Peace of mind 
The process of our Legionella risk assessments has been robustly challenged by enforcers and has been identified as Assured Advice, demonstrating it meets the required standards giving you information you can rely on.

Time saving
It provides a consistent and uniformed approach across your whole property portfolio, saving you time in your ongoing Legionella management because our Legionella risk assessment are recognised by enforcing authorities, insurers and regulators as a credible and reliable assessment.

Cost saving
It will save you money because you are investing in a document that has been assured to deliver the compliance you need. It will reduce the burden of compliance and their associated costs on your organisation, by eliminating inconsistencies and allowing you to target your resources to best effect.

It will make sure your ongoing Legionella control is based on a reliable and reasoned risk assessment and that you have invested in a process that is of a recognised quality, to deliver on your health and safety compliance objectives.

Knowing your Legionella risk assessment has been assured by an enforcement authority gives you greater confidence when making operational decisions about your ongoing management.

Enhanced reputation 
It will enhance your organisation's reputation by demonstrating you have a culture to actively invest in the highest standards of health and safety.

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