Great customer satisfaction results for 2023!

The results from our 2023 customer satisfaction survey demonstrates what our service really means to our customers. 100% have rated the service they received at Assurity Consulting as excellent or good, and 100% also said they would recommend the service they have received from us to others.

Chestnut Tree House logoEvery year we send out a survey to our customers, to measure their satisfaction with our service, gain valuable insight and feedback - and highlight success as well as find areas for improvement. 

This year, we also pledged to make a £1 donation for each survey answer made to Chestnut Tree House, our local children's hospice. We received 103 responses, meaning we have been able to raise and donate £103 for our charity partner!

“Having happy and satisfied customers is at the core of what we do – it’s our priority. Receiving such exceptional customer satisfaction ratings and comments in 2023, makes me feel very proud of our team. We have extremely talented and skilled individuals who enjoy serving our customers. We will work very hard to maintain the high standards our customers expect of us and that we demand of ourselves. It is truly a team effort, and everyone plays an important part in delivering exceptional customer service, everyday! Thank you to all" - Paul Phillips, Director of Consultancy Services, Assurity Consulting

All of the comments from our customers are lovely to read and show what a fantastic role we play in maintaining workplace health, safety and environmental compliance in buildings and organisations throughout the UK. Thank you to all of our customers who took the time to participate in our 2023 survey!