Fire Risk Assessment Assured Advice from Assurity Consulting

From 16th July 2018, our fire risk assessments are covered under Primary Authority Assured Advice. The Advice is offered through a co-ordinated partnership with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS). Achieving Primary Authority Assured Advice demonstrates our commitment to working in partnership with regulators and builds on our extensive accreditations and quality assurances, giving you the best possible standards of service.

Mick Hand, the Primary Authority Fire Safety Officer for HFRS stated in his feedback report, “Overall it is clearly the intention of Assurity Consulting to be a fully compliant and proactively fire safety consulting firm. This is in relation to the overarching structure and function of Assurity Consulting, their legal and process driven systems and procedures, in relation to their fire risk assessment consultancy to clients, within their fire safety team. With the enhanced delivery of providing timely, systematic, repeatable, effective, efficient and accurate fire risk assessments to their clients, I am more than happy to recommend Assurity Consulting as a proactive Primary Authority Scheme partner for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.”

The Primary Authority Scheme which started in 2009 was developed with the aim of ensuring that ‘local regulation is consistent at a national level and sufficiently flexible to address local circumstances.’ This is achieved by allowing ‘an eligible business to form a legally recognised partnership with a single local authority in relation to regulatory compliance.’

Greg Davies, our Director of Market Development, comments, “Expanding our scope of services under the Primary Authority Scheme has always been our aim since becoming the first organisation in the UK to offer it for Legionella risk assessments in 2017. Not everyone may be prepared to invite in an enforcer to critically assess processes and procedures, but we believe it is good for us, as well as welcomed by our customers, that we challenge ourselves to offer the best possible service we can. It’s a team effort and we have a great team.”

The benefits of our Assured Advice fire risk assessments are:

  • Peace of mind - Our fire risk assessments has been robustly challenged and the process meets the required standards giving you information you can rely on.
  • Time saving - Our fire risk assessment are recognised as credible and reliable assessment and so provide you a consistent and uniformed approach across your whole property portfolio.
  • Cost saving - By eliminating inconsistencies and allowing you to target your resources to best effect, you are investing in a document that has been assured to deliver the compliance you need.
  • Control - It will make sure your on-going fire management is based on reliable and reasoned risk assessments.
  • Confidence - Knowing your fire risk assessment has been assured by an enforcement authority gives you greater confidence when making operational decisions
  • Enhanced reputation – By demonstrating you have a culture that actively invests in the highest standards of health and safety.

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