Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2024

For our customer satisfaction survey 2024, we are proud to say that 97% of our customers rated our service excellent or good and 97% of our customers also said they would recommend our service to others.

"Exceeding the expectations our customers have of our company is at the core of what we do – it’s our priority. Receiving such exceptional customer satisfaction ratings and comments in 2024, makes us feel very proud. We work very hard to maintain the high standards our customers expect of us and that we demand of ourselves. It is truly a team effort across all the departments of our company, and everyone plays an important part in delivering exceptional customer service, everyday! Exceeding customers’ expectations continues to be an important focus for our team during this coming year and beyond. 97% of our customers rated our service excellent or good. 97% if our customers said they would recommend our service to others."

- Paul Phillips, Consultancy Services Director, Assurity Consulting


A hand is seen grabbing a cube which has the word excellent written on it. In the background, there are two other cubes which respectively have the words good and average  written on them.

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Customer testimonials