Collyers Not Going to Uni event

This event provided students with information on alternative career pathways, sponsored degree and professional exam schemes, apprenticeships and Gap Year opportunities. Students and their parents took the time to talk to a wide range of employers to weigh up the options open to them after college.

The students and their parents received a brief overview presentation of the various opportunities available, a managed Q&A session with a select panel of employers/providers and they had the opportunity to talk to employers providers to find out more about the various schemes on offer.

April, one of our current apprentices at Assurity Consulting attended the event and commented, “The turnout was very pleasing! It was great to see so many different apprenticeship schemes being offered to students, both locally and further afield – there truly is ‘something for everyone’. Also it was great to see so many students who were demonstrating initiative by asking questions, finding out and not following the crowd going to university…. I look forward to sitting on the panel during the next year!”