Charity of the Year 2018

Chestnut Tree House logoChestnut Tree House is the only children's hospice for Sussex and South East Hampshire and cares for 300 children and young adults from 0-19 years of age. It currently costs well over £3.5m each year to provide all the care services provided by Chestnut Tree House and they rely heavily on the generosity, help and support of the people of Sussex.

Having a Charity of the Year is good for an SME as it makes sense to focus on fundraising efforts because these help maximise impact. This forges a deeper mutual understanding, which can add unexpected value, bringing benefits beyond fundraising.

We can build our relationship with the charity over time to find more effective ways of helping them and we have already organised volunteer days with them to run alongside our Make a Difference day scheme in 2018. We also hope to support them to build their network, with our services and use our connections, as well as further building our network and reputation. By doing this we will have a better understanding of the charity and even some hands on experience.

Having a specific focus gives us an opportunity to build upon internal relationships and work towards a meaningful project together - building on our brand value of 'collaboration'. Additionally, by supporting one charity it makes us a responsible business as we are giving back to our local community. We look forward to supporting Chestnut Tree House in 2018 and hope we can make a real difference! We will still be supporting some of our community partners too, so that we continue to add value to our local area.