27 February 2018

Like a theatre, our buildings provide the backdrop for the work our businesses and organisations perform. Providing the right environment for healthy, well and productive employees is as much the role of those responsible for the premises as that of the set designers, riggers and production staff setting the scenes for the cast.

The constraints we have to work within in maintaining our workplace environments – space, time, population, services, cost, health, safety, facilities, work patterns, wellbeing – while often seen as “supporting cast” - are fundamental to success.

Our assembled players will be considering the issues around workplace strategy, building environmental management, air quality and occupational comfort. What a standing ovation of success could mean for you and your organisation and some pointers in avoiding the drama, thriller or pantomime in their delivery.

So come along, sit back and enjoy our first production of 2018, the ambience of a real West End theatre and the smell of the greasepaint (but maybe not the grease and paint we are usually used to).  


08:30 -  Registration and breakfast

09:00 -  Introducing… Greg Davies, Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting

09:10 -  Act 1 - Nigel Oseland, Workplace Strategist

09:35 -  Act 2 - Lauren Lee, Consultant, Assurity Consulting

10:00 -   A short intermission

10:30 - Act 3 - Dr Sara De Matteis, Imperial College London

10:55 - Act 4 - Professor John Buckley, University Centre Shrewsbury

11:20 -  It’s a wrap! Greg Davies, Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting

11:30 -  Questions and Close