Here you will find two case studies of where we have helped customers find opportunities to save costs in their building operations.

Savings for a company that never sleeps.

One of our large corporate customers was looking to make cost savings across nine UK sites. The buildings were all call centres with full air conditioning systems operating 24 hours a day. They wanted to see if they could save on energy costs by reducing the usage of the air conditioning without it having a detrimental effect on the occupants.

We agreed to support them to monitor the air quality in the buildings. The decision was made to isolate the air conditioning early evening and then restart it early in the morning. The organisation wanted to make sure, whilst the system was isolated, that the environment was still suitable for the office workers who worked late into the evening.

We visited the sites, adjusting the format of our visits to allow for the setting up of air monitoring equipment late in the afternoon. We measured temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels throughout the night into the next morning, so capturing the time the air conditioning was turned off, and reinstated. Results were presented graphically to show at a glance how conditions inside the buildings had changed.

All the sites returned similar results, with none of the key comfort parameters falling into unacceptable ranges. This helped to demonstrate that the trial was successful, and this process could be implemented permanently. Most of the buildings had a minimum of two air handling units, some operating with humidity control. The isolation stopped them having to be operational for around 10 hours each day, saving energy costs for each building and also considerably lengthening the lifespan of the units.

Shopping around for savings.

We have partnered with a large retail property group for eleven years providing an independent, unbiased view of their position, enabling them to make informed decisions about their working environment and service providers.

Our reports have been used by them to negotiate a £40,000 cost saving on the future contract for the maintenance of the air handling units. This included remedial works as part of the contract rather than as chargeable work. Our air quality reports and findings from the air handling unit inspections were used during negotiations.

Our water quality reports were also used to avoid spending £12,000 - £13,000 on unnecessary work on their water services. A quote was received from a water treatment company to carry out clean and chlorination’s, sampling, temperature monitoring and shower flushing. We advised the Facilities Manager that he did not require any of the proposed work, as the annual chlorination’s were unnecessary and the sampling would not provide any relevant information to them. We advised that the temperature monitoring and shower flushing could be completed by their own building services team, as they had received Legionella awareness training and knew why they should be carrying this out. 

Our air quality reports were also used to confirm that their shopping centres were not the source of carbon monoxide poisoning or increased sickness and absenteeism amongst a main tenant’s employees.

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