Improve indoor air quality or reduce environmental impact? – The vicious cycle.
23rd May 2017
With the term “well-being” frequently popping up throughout the FM industry, complying with standards such as BREEAM and LEED, coupled with the launch of the WELL Building Standard and Fitwel Certification System, it is no surprise that members of facilities management are under a lot of pressure to demonstrate their pro-active approach, when taking care of their occupants.
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An unwelcome theme developing
12th May 2017
The tragic event at Drayton Manor this week comes with the Alton Tower “Smiler crash” still in the recent memory (while the accident itself was in June 2015, the sentencing and fine occurred in September 2016).
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A trend for data trends?
13th April 2017
A colleague raised a question from a customer yesterday regarding accident rates in schools. That’s interesting I thought and just as I started to look for the information needed, another colleague (within one minute of the original request) replied back with the details – now interested and impressed!
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My workplace is too hot! But mine is too cold!
07th April 2017
On an unusually warm and beautiful spring afternoon, my attention was drawn to a piece of information that was on the front page (but in quite small print) of the Leesman_review Issue 22.
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Helping you stay safe on Britain’s roads
30th March 2017
Today the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has published its 5 year strategy (2017-2022) and Business Plan, setting out the parts of the overall strategy it will be “taking forward” in 2017 to 2018.
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