The end for sustainability?
14th August 2018
Sustainability will end shortly.
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New sentencing guideline for manslaughter
02nd August 2018
The Sentencing Council has published a new guideline for how offenders convicted of manslaughter should be sentenced in England and Wales and will come into force in courts on 1st November 2018.
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Setting more new standards with Assured Advice
19th July 2018
From 16th July 2018, Assurity Consulting fire risk assessments will be offered as Assured Advice through the Primary Authority Scheme, in a co-ordinated partnership with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services.
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Is there Legionella lurking in your garden water butt?
16th July 2018
For all you budding gardeners out there you may have read in the press about catching Legionnaires' disease in this current hot weather from your water butts (for those of you that actually have water in your water butts!), anything that contains standing water can potentially grow Legionella and aerosol can spread the bacteria – so if you have a pump in your water butt be aware (also consider your hose pipe too).
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BIFM Sustainability in FM survey – Giving back to give back
06th July 2018
The annual BIFM Sustainability in FM survey remains the most enduring evaluation of trends and influences in our marketplace and the 2018 survey is now live and waiting for your feedback.
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