BREXIT - Health and safety chess, draughts or Chequers?
05th October 2018
With the political conference season over and just under 6 months to our departure from the European Union, where might health and safety be come April 2019?
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Good asbestos management relies on good information
26th September 2018
It has recently come to light that gaskets made by a UK company between 2006 and 2011 contained asbestos. The company was not at fault and an HSE investigation cleared them of any blame.
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Gauze for thought – HSE issues warning over asbestos containing mats
12th September 2018
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have recently released information indicating schools – as well as potentially other users - have been supplied with metal gauze mats (typically used on tripods over Bunsen burners) which contain asbestos.
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PASsing on the health and wellbeing agenda
10th September 2018
The recently released code of practice, PAS 3002, is a timely addition to our thinking on health and wellbeing, as well as continuing the indoor environment quality (IEQ) debate.
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How close to a water drought are we in the UK?
07th September 2018
I recently attended a forum regarding the possibilities of extreme drought in the UK and the impact it could have on the business sector in the South East of England.
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