Vicki Filson, Senior Consultant and Service Leader

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Holds a BSc in Environmental Chemistry

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NEBOSH qualifications and a Postgraduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management

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Health and Safety Service Leader

After graduating in 1995, Vicki worked at Rentokil Initial as a chemical analyst. In this role she also took on health and safety and quality responsibilities, finding health and safety more enjoyable than the chemistry. Prior to joining Assurity Consulting, Vicki also worked for an asbestos consultancy as a surveyor.Vicki Filson

Vicki has supplemented her BSc in Environmental Chemistry with NEBOSH qualifications and a Postgraduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management. Understanding how businesses work is crucial to enable good health and safety management to be aligned with day to day operations.

Vicki now delivers a wide range of health and safety services including training, policy, risk assessment, management and arrangements, meeting and competent person support. She works with a variety of customers including multi-national corporations, independent schools, charities, retail, property management and further education. The level which she works with customers varies with the aim to provide the right level of support on an individual basis.

Outside of work, Vicki has two children and has been a Guide Leader for more than 20 years. In her spare time, she enjoys mountain biking on the South Downs.

Supporting organisations in health and safety management where they don’t have the internal competence or resource themselves

Insights by Vicki

“Working at home remains a perfectly good option…”

…said Patrick Vallance the Chief Scientific Officer to the Commons Science and Technology Committee this week. It is however becoming increasingly confusing to understand and interpret the information we are provided with. Lockdown in March 2020 was simple, starting up again is certainly less easy.

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COVID-19 - balancing workplace risk against the benefit

“But ‘so and so’ has got one...” This phrase will be familiar to parents as their children try to justify the need for them either to spend money or relax control. It is designed to make us feel guilty that in not doing the same as ‘everyone else’, we are doing something wrong (and in the case of my daughter, purposely ruining her life!).

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Getting stressed working at home

For the most of us, being at work is good for your mental health. Working provides a sense of belonging, worthiness, intellectual stimulation and social interaction.

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Get ahead with health and safety management during COVID-19

At least once week I hear the complaint that staff do not have time for health and safety tasks, particularly the administrative ones.

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Health and safety isn’t always about legal compliance, it is making a judgement based on circumstances

In response to the Government advice that people work at home if they can, the HSE have updated their guidance for home workers. The key concerns being lone working, use of display screen equipment (DSE), stress and mental health. 

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Budget time for health and safety!

In the last few weeks ‘health and safety budgets’ have been a recurring conversation whilst I’ve been out and about.

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Is black pudding a health and safety control measure?

This week it was reported that a butcher resorted to using a black pudding to break out of a walk in freezer he had been locked in.

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