Greg Davies, Director of Market Development

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Over thirty years of experience in workplace compliance

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Recognised expert witness. Committee member and survey lead of the IWFM Sustainability Special Interest Group

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Chair of CIBSE TM13 “Minimising the risk of Legionnaires’ disease” publication

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Regular industry speaker and contributor to the industry press

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Specialist Member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)

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Author of the original IWFM Risk Management Good Practice Guide (2010)

Risk and safety management are fundamental to the success of any organisation and should be seen as investments, not spends. With increasing scrutiny on not just the legal and financial, but moral and reputational aspects of business performance, knowing who to engage for accurate, verifiable independent and trustworthy advice is crucial. It is this advice we strive to deliver.

Good health and safety management doesn’t happen by accident

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He is a recognised expert and as a result has been asked for support in a range of investigations, including, most notably, the Legionella outbreak in Barrow-in-Furness in August 2002. He has been involved in investigations carried out by the local authorities, HSE and ORR.

With his extensive working knowledge, Greg is a regular presenter and has spoken at events run by, amongst others CIBSE, IWFM, IIRSM, BISRA, the Health Protection Agency, The British Safety Council, RICS, and IOSH. He is also a regular contributor to the industry press with well over 200 articles published to date. He was the author of the original IWFM good practise guide to risk management, published in 2010, chairing the CIBSE review of TM 13 “Minimising the risk of Legionnaires’ disease” and been involved in discussions with various Government departments and others (DECC, Defra, the EA and CCC) on compliance and sustainability.

Using this combined experience Greg is increasingly being used by customers to brief and update their boards of directors and governors on health, safety and environmental compliance. 


Insights by Greg

Keeping your building, coronavirus safe, as well as safe

“COVID-19 secure” and “COVID risk assessments” are two of the most popular phrases in the facilities/health and safety lexicon currently, and for obvious and pressing reasons as we start or continue – depending on where your organisation is – to remobilise.

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Tenants returning to the office – new times, new considerations and old risks?’

As we are seeing increasing numbers of organisations go back to work, so also increasing for us is the numbers of questions and queries we are receiving from tenants as they return to their workplace, now little or unused for possibly four months.

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Health and safety - fatal injuries at work at a record low

Figures just published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) identify “111 Workers killed in 2019/20 (RIDDOR)”. Accepting it is still 111 people too many, compared to 147 fatalities in 2018/19 and 179 in 2008/09 it is a significant and welcome decrease in the number of avoidable deaths.

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What’s your view on workplace sustainability?

It is that time of year again and the IWFM ‘Sustainability in FM survey’ is now live. Having been part of the survey team for a decade, it is also something I am heavily invested in.

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Getting phased with returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As we have continued to re-mobilise back into our workplaces, the discussions, questions being asked, and information being sought by customers is dividing them into three relatively discrete groups:

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Should we be using hot, warm or cold water to wash your hands?

One question we have been asked by a number of customers though is whether hot, cold or warm water is best for washing hands and what are the requirements around it?

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Keeping COVID-19 Secure current

It is a little over a month since the “COVID-19 Secure” strategy was introduced in England. Designed to help keep workplaces safe during the outbreak, it’s focus is on managing the risk associated with organisations re-starting/running during the outbreak.

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Legionella risk, buildings and COVID-19 – The workplace management professionals are already on it!

It cannot have escaped many people, and certainly not those responsible for managing buildings, that the return to work “Legionella risk” message has been very prevalent recently.

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